The upper mask consists of two layers , the outer layers are very open and elastic , and the inner layer is a closed loop , which effectively keeps the dirt out of the shoe (a potential problem with a shoe that has a very open mesh) . Given the elastic nature yet form-fitting top, the inner closed loop makes running shoes a little heat on a hot day , but sweat has improved massively from v4.


Comfort is excellent with or without socks, but I get a little wear near the bottom of the outer row of lace. It has not been translated into a blister , and occurs only when I have no socks. I am ambivalent about bootie shoe design - I generally prefer a more traditional language , because it provides a better fit of form and lacing , but the spoils in V5 has not given me any problems. There is a minimal structure for the top - no heel , no hard overlays , etc. Internal arch support is present , but is primarily due to the template for fishing under the arch .

Nike Free 3.0 V5 Single


The sole of Nike Free 3.0 V5 has not changed since v4. It has the typical slots / siping found all nike free 3.0 v2 shoes which provide excellent flexibility. Rubber outsole pods located just below the lateral heel and toe , but bear unexposed midsole seems excessive - I run about 45 miles on mine, and often casually use ( often throughout the day ) . The soles are slightly discolored but still good so far :

The lack of a wide sole provides a light and my size 10 shoes come in about 8 ounces Dimensions Sole Running Store reported by 21mm heel, 17mm forefoot , so it's a shoe drop of 4 mm.


The Free 3.0 V5 is a very soft shoe . One of my favorite things about the original Free 3.0 is that it made ​​me feel like a ninja - the soft soles and lack of rubber silence my footsteps . This shoe has the same property - if I'm behind a person walking his dog on the sidewalk often have to make some noise to let them know that I'm about to pass. I've surprised quite a few people in my time to realize that most people do not like to have someone drive quickly overtake without warning you are there ( is a challenge when using headphones, and I can not jump on the road because of traffic ...).


I enjoyed running in Nike lady Cortez, while I briefly considered using them for my spring marathon (coming this weekend - is still undecided on shoes ...). I used them for 16.5 miles long term over the hills as a test , and ended up developing a knot in soleus about 9 miles on the run. Not sure if the shoes were the culprit , but I was afraid to try to use them in a long career . Usually I can handle zero drop shoes just fine for more than 10 miles , so I wonder if the fall in combination with a highly flexible soft sole may be the problem. I do not know. You may have to give them another chance in a long-term moderate length and see if it was just a fluke.




For me , Nike Roshe Run Mens is a great shoe for easy slopes and distances up to 10 miles . They are also ideal as casual fall shoes low ( which is what the vast majority of people who buy them to use them). In my opinion, way too soft and have no opportunity to respond to the speed work. Note that despite the higher elastic shoe is quite narrow ( I climbed an average size ) , so those with wide feet should look elsewhere.


But I'm pretty impressed with the Free 3.0 V5 . It is one of the best shoes I've used so far this year , and a pleasant surprise given my experience with the previous iteration. Big thumbs up !


Nike Free 3.0 V5 can be purchased in a variety of colors for men and women at Running Warehouse. Outside the U.S., Nike Free 3.0 can be purchased and .